People I’d like to Meet: George W Bush

George W fascinates me and its not a political thing at all. He’s got an extremely interesting persona and while he’s probably a lot smarter than people made him out to be I can imagine he liked being perceived as the dumb-whit bozo.

Let’s face it; he’s nothing like his broccoli hating father and he understood the Israeli/Palestinian conflict better than the current president. But then again, I think he actually cared about Israel in his own way. All you have to do is listen to his May 2008 speech to the Knesset to understand his feelings for the Jewish People and the Land of Israel. He didn’t have to say what he said the way he said it.

(Pic courtesy of here)

Since leaving office W’s pretty much disappeared yet I can imagine that being in office for 8 years and running the show during 9/11 and the war on terror would make anyone slink back into a hole when their time was up.

Good ‘ol George W.

I mean, just think about what it’s like to be president and how so few people actually have that experience. True, they have assistants and confidants but in the end all matters are his (or her) decision.

And then there was the shoe throwing incident. I love watching that over and over because George W has such great reflexes and he’s so much fun to watch.

The bottom line: the great cowboy isn’t afraid of anything because he believes in himself.

George, I seriously hope we can meet sometime, maybe at my Shabbos table or something. Make it happen, achi.

Next up: Madonna.

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