Shabbos Police in Jerusalem: They have everything under control…

Who are the Shabbos police anyway? They definitely have a laid back approach. Several weeks ago our upstairs neighbors were having a loud and obnoxious party on a Friday night and I had to walk down to the local station to complain because knocking on the neighbor’s door didn’t help.

The cops came, entered their apartment for a few minutes, and then disappeared. The noise dipped for almost ten minutes and then went on till four in the morning.

Those Shabbos police must really be busy because they never came back…



Then, walking home from shul on another Shabbos day we saw a cop car fly by a student driver and stop carefully by a dumpster with smoke protruding from it. As CB and I watched the cop got out of his car, looked in the large plastic container, and returned to the vehicle with a lit cigarette.

He actually lit his cigarette with the evidence.

He was the most suave cop I’d seen in a long time and he wasn’t worried about a thing. In fact, he looked like he was ready for another ‘look’ at the ‘situation’ so he could light up another one.

Ok, maybe he didn’t really light his cigarette from the small fire but it sure looked that way.

I nodded to him as if to ask if everything was ok. He nodded back as if to say everything was under his control. He had it all under control….



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