As the war wound down, ice cream trucks appeared

I’m not sure if it was just that (delivery) day of the month but I swear as the war was winding down I started to see ice cream trucks everywhere. In one day and in a span of thirty minutes two Ben & Jerry’s delivery trucks -you’d think one would be enough for a square mile!



While Ben & Jerry’s isn’t the only ice cream in Israel it’s popular.

I can remember the days of lamenting how Israel could be so electronically advanced but couldn’t make a descent brand of homegrown flavors for the ice cream lover who wants to make Aliyah.

After all, not everyone wants American soft serve, Nestle, or one of the other Israeli companies which makes the cold stuff but mostly out of chemicals.

Eventually a few companies, both new and from overseas opened up. They included Dr. Licks which had stores in Jaffa and downtown Jerusalem and Max Brenner and Häagen-Dazs.


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