The Home Front Syndrome

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As Operation Protective Edge transformed into a full-fledged guerrilla war I was reminded of one of the things which always amazes me about people connected to Israel: their need to be standing on Holy Land soil during difficult times.

It’s like when a tragedy, God forbid, strikes a loved one forcing family to race back home and provide comfort or simply lend a hand. When it comes to Israel’s wellbeing the feeling is the same for many Jews around the world.

Whatever they are doing their hearts are reaching for the eastern shores of the Mediterranean.

I can relate.

I can recall the first gulf war when Iraqi scud missiles landed on Tel Aviv, the 1994 slaying of Yitchak Rabin, the February 1997 helicopter disaster in which 73 IDF soldiers were killed -events which all occurred when I was still living in the U.S. With every disaster the need to grieve together and help pick up the pieces with my nation in my nation’s land was strong. And it was hard not being here.

And it had nothing to do with America, the great country it is. It had to do with how my soul connected to my ancient homeland which is once again a thriving civilization. It was a bond I experienced and one I don’t expect non-Jews to feel.

SO WHETHER you and I first came to Israel with our parents or on an organized trip there’s just something inherit that connects us to this place both on a normal day and especially when times are tough. Call it the home front syndrome but it has nothing to do with brainwashing by organizations as some would lead you to believe.

That said, I know there are countless Jews and probably a few others out there who in times like these feel a certain home front syndrome -a rooted desire at the core of our being to be here in Israel. However, dropping everything and getting on a plane to fly halfway across the world isn’t alway easy or practical.

Nevertheless, there are still many ways to aid Israel’s mission and protest against the lies being spread about the Jewish State. Be that voice of dialogue and reason in your communities.

Incredibly many people across the world are showing their true faces and unfortunately it is because they are either filled with hate for Jews and Israel or join such groups due to being miseducated and unfamiliar with the facts.

You won’t change someone else’s extreme views but you can be an opposing force helping those unfamiliar with the conflict choose morality instead of false indignation.

Hold your ground and while you’re waiting to book that flight down the road remember: the good thing about a syndrome is it never really goes away so you’ll have an opportunity to fulfill your dream and knock on our doors soon.

For now do your intelligence work, i.e. guide people towards being more intelligent on the issues at hand and in the mean time we’ll hold down the fort.


(Israel goes to great lengths to avoid civilian casualties. Spread the word.)

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