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It used to be hard to find real organic veggies and other healthy products in Jerusalem but today there are more and more stores supplying them to the public.

Here’s a list which will be updated in time.

NOTE: There are other business that deliver from farms but this post is focusing primarily on stores in the city.

We’d also like to add that while we’ve had good experiences at some of these venues and they are being listed here is not endorsing them or taking responsibility for a customer’s experience good or bad.

That said, let’s roll out the list:

1. Zemurah Organi: They have stores around the city including in Givat Shaul (Rabbi Israel Najara St), Yad Charutzim St in Talpiot (this one has a cafe), and in the German Colony (Amatsya St) right across from the Ramban shul. You can find most anything you need here.

Zemura Organi, Talpiot
Zemura Organi, Talpiot


2. Nitzat HaDuvdevan: Just opened on Emek Refaim and they have a store on Kanfei Nesharim. It’s another shop where you can find most anything you need.

duvedevan Emek


3. Havivian: Only on Friday’s, it’s located in the courtyard at Beit Yehudit just off of Emek Refaim near Burger’s Bar (the side of Emek closer to town). They have some of the best fresh organic veggies and fruit in town.


4. Supresol on Pier Keonig St: They now have an organic veggie stand in the back of the fruits and vegetable section. It’s mostly potatoes, tomatoes, cucumbers and peppers but is as fresh as you’ll get in a supermarket like this. Last I checked a sack of potatoes goes for about NIS 9  kilo and they sometimes have sales.

Organic veggies at Supersol on Pier Koenig
Organic veggies at Supersol on Pier Koenig


5. Teva Net: On Aggripas street near the shuk. They have most of the stuff you’ll be looking for.

teva net


6. Olam HaTeva : On Aggripas near the shuk. They have most of the stuff you’ll be looking for.

olam hateva


7. Mizrahi in the shuk: There are a couple of places which sell organic produce in the shuk. For example, if you walk into the outdoor shuk from Aggripas St and take a quick right and then a left by the meat guy, walk up a bit on the left and the stall before the fresh greens stand occasionally has organic berries, asparagus, and other items. They take credit cards.

MIzrahi in the shuk
Mizrahi in the shuk


8. Yaacov Cohen in the shuk: Walk into the indoor shuk from the Aggripas St side and walk three quarters of the way down (or from the Yaffo St side, a bit down on the right). There’s a shop that has two entrances opposite each other. In front of the register (they take credit cards) they often have packages of organic sweet potatoes, onions, cucumbers red onions, and a lot more. Just check the packages carefully to make sure they say ‘Organic’ in Hebrew and that they are fresh. Sometimes the brother of the owner sells organic items at his shop behind this one. Where would that be? Go into Yaacov Cohen and go out the door in the back….

Yaacov Cohen in the shuk
Yaacov Cohen in the shuk


9. The Super market on Agron: They now have an organic veggie section.


10. Eden Teva Market inside the Mega supermarket at Malcha: This store is the closest thing I’ve seen in Israel, at least in Jerusalem, to how a Whole Foods store in the U.S. feels. Prices are comparable to other health food stores in the area but has more variety of products. Come with a list and don’t walk around hungry or you’ll regret it in the bank! 🙂

Eden Teva Market



11. The Natural Choice Bakery: A great place for all your whole wheat and spelt fixes. On Aggripas Street across from the shuk.

n choice


12. Anise: Similar to Zmura Organi and Duvedevan Anise has several locations including Emek Refaim.

anise emek


13. Uzi-Eli: In the shuk. From Aggripas enter the more narrow covered shuk between the open and main covered shuk, go up the three stairs, and ‘The Etrog Guy’ is just down on the right. Your can’t miss him. His juices, though not organic, are out of this world and unlike any around.  Also, check out his natural medicines for headaches, pains, and other ailments.



Know of any other places? Let us know!


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